Installation Instructions.

Please follow these simple instructions for a trouble free installation.  PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS

1.     Installation

a.     Remove the old keypad and clean the surface. Make sure the surface is dry and clean.

b.    If the keypad has a protective plastic film, remove it by lifting the film with your fingernail, starting at one of the corners, peel it back, pulling it at an acute angle (30 degrees) while holding the keypad down on a flat surface with the palm of your other hand.

c.     Take the end furthest from the connector and peel back the adhesive protector about 2cm or 1 inch. Align the keypad on the correct edge, using the one of the corners ensure the keypad is square. Press lightly on the corners so that it just begins to stick. Keep the keypad at an acute angle (about 30 degrees) to the surface and peel back the adhesive protector and press the keypad down lightly. Place the connector in the access slot before completing the installation.

d.    Once it is correctly installed press firmly with your hand.

2.     Doníts

a.     Donít press on the domes (keys) unless the keypad is on a flat hard surface or the keypad is installed. Pressing the keys between your fingers will cause the domes to invert and the keypad will be short-circuited.

b.    Donít misalign the keypad and then lift to reinstall this will also cause the domes to invert.

c.     Donít install the keypad unless you are a qualified Biomedical Engineer or Technician who is familiar with the operation of the unit and who has access to the technical documentation to perform the required functional checks before placing the equipment back into service.


 Note: Domes cannot be inverted or collapsed once the keypad is installed without causing physical damage to the keypad face.


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